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Medical Facility Cleaning Services

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Your Patient Experience
is a Top Priority

Creating and maintaining a professional and caring experience for patients is a top priority. A major part of this begins with the role that a consistently clean environment plays in providing the assurance of a professionally operated clinical environment that is hygienically cared for.

You require the services of a competent cleaning service partner who understands the best practice cleaning procedures for a healthcare environment while also seeking to support your efforts to provide the best possible patient experience.

Attention to Detail

Your patients wouldn’t trust just anyone to look after their health. They have come to trust your team of healthcare professionals because of the level of care, quality and the expertise you and your team have provided.

That’s why we strive to support you with the utmost attention to detail, delivering everything from enhanced hygienic services for public areas during flu season to providing a daily cleaning and facility report. We are here to help and support you in your efforts to establish a facility and operation that is consistently in peek condition.

1 Assessment and Patient Spaces2019-11-25T21:54:07+11:00

Consistently cleaned and maintained, always hygienically cleaned, light switches, door handles, wall surfaces, chair legs, table and counter surfaces disinfected. We also make sure all of the refillable dispensers are properly stocked. These areas are cleaned daily using Viraclean to support a hygienic outcome.

2 Radiology2019-11-25T21:54:10+11:00

Being a public facing high traffic area hygienic cleaning of the light switches, door handles, wall surfaces, chair legs, table and counter surfaces disinfected. Consistently refill all hand towel and soap dispensers. Daily cleaning is provided for this space.

3 Changing Rooms and Toilets2019-11-25T21:54:12+11:00

Consistent and predictable service focusing on a thorough cleaning regimen that seeks to eliminate bacteria and germs from this high traffic and high contact space. We also focus on making this space sparkle as part of a key place that can help heighten your patient and staff impression of your commitment to a quality care experience.

4 Reception Area2019-11-25T21:54:14+11:00

This space is the first experience that you present your patients. A proactive and directed approach in this area is a necessity. We focus on delivering a responsive service for you that provides a warm, welcoming, always organised, professionally cleaned and dust free space that sparkles on the inside and out. We provide daily care for this space and offer a regular regimen of additional routine services such as window cleaning, carpet, rug, and floormat steam cleaning.

5 Entry, Lifts, and Stairwell Areas2019-11-25T21:54:16+11:00

A consistent and through daily cleaning regimen is provided in this area. Hygienically, cleaning all surfaces, while providing that little extra attention to detail that makes even the simple event of entering your space one that comes with a sense of welcoming invitation for a caring establishment.

6 Meeting, Consult, and Counselling Rooms2019-11-25T21:54:20+11:00

For these areas we provide an adaptive cleaning routine that aligns the effort with the need. We always seek to maximise the results for your facility. We apply effort as needed to maintain the consistency of lower traffic or less used areas of your facility while investing additional time into spaces that benefit from the additional care and focus. Rest assured you will always find your meeting and consult spaces as warm and inviting as the rest of your facility.

7 Recovery Bay2019-11-25T21:54:22+11:00

For Day Surgery Centres and Out Patient Facilities, we provide a formalised, process-based cleaning regime in these spaces based on your specific needs we work with you to establish the procedures you require.

8 Kitchen and Staff Break Room Areas2019-11-25T21:54:24+11:00

We offer a predictive and through service for these spaces. We understand that a quality patient experience begins with helping to support a welcoming experience for your staff. While looking after all day to day needs of these areas we also focus on establishing a hygienic outcome in support of your staff’s health. We also go further than most by tending to your refrigerator, microwaves, coffee and tea stations, dishware, cabinets, and proper organisation of your utensils. We don’t just focus on the exteriors of these spaces we address the interior and exterior of all appliances. We also provide for those little subtle things that just make everything feel right as an example we always provide scented bin liners which really do make a difference.

9 Staff Amenity Areas2019-11-25T21:54:26+11:00

While providing for the day to day hygienic needs of any staff amenity spaces addressing showers, drains, floor mats, locker and changing areas. We also work with you to organise a more through semi-annual or annual cleaning of interior locker and cubby spaces. We are also happy to organise a fresh towel service and restocking of any amenity area supplies. Your staff will find your support of these details a welcoming and appreciated gesture that we are certain will not go unnoticed.

10 Utility, Supply, and Storage Areas2019-11-25T21:54:27+11:00

While generally a behind the scenes space we remain vigilant in our quality of service and attention to detail in these spaces. We focus on ensuring your space is not just clean but well organised, accessible, and supporting of a safe work environment. We will also work with your designated contact to also make sure any restocking needs or observed maintenance issues are communicated directly.

11 Interior and Exterior Windows2019-11-25T21:54:29+11:00

We provide a sensible cleaning schedule for your interior and exterior windows. This is often an overlooked activity that does provide a significant boost to the overall sense of completeness and attention to detail that begins with your patient and staff’s initial impression of your facility starting from the outside.

A different Kind Of Facility Care Experience

We thoroughly understand what goes into cleaning a medical facility. We will ensure the utmost in cleanliness, safety and hygiene for your staff, your patients, and visitors is consistently delivered with sensitivity, care and understanding. Furthermore, we’ll partner with you to formulate a customised cleaning solution that responds directly to your specific requirements.

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