I’ve noticed a trend in the commercial office cleaning space. Many customers are locked into a cleaning contract. While I can certainly appreciate the need for a contract with a larger office building or a stadium type environment. I’ve noticed that this approach also seems to be the case with smaller single office and facility clients. At Dust Bunny Services I personally do not like term contracts for business. I believe that if we are providing a quality service at a fair price we will retain our customers and hopefully continue to grow our business. I personally like the idea of not locking people into contracts because it requires us to be supportive and responsive to the customer.

If anyone has thoughts or comments on “cleaning contracts” I’d certainly like to hear about them. Perhaps there is another side to this that I haven’t thought through?

I’m also going to add a link to this posting, if you are currently in a cleaning contract arrangement and would like me to reach out to you when your contract period is coming to a close, I’d be happy to provide you with a non-term based proposal for cleaning services.

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